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What can’t be measured, can’t be managed

Nick Busse Global Program Manager at Worley Dr Andrea Howell Change consultant; former University Lecturer & Organisational Quality Manager Dear Captains of Multi Year, Multi-Million Dollar, Transformational Initiatives(MYMMDTIs) Let’s provide a thumbnail sketch of what happens in a typical organisation: 1. It develops robust processes to assess and prioritise business plans for multi-year, multi-million-dollar transformational initiatives with significant focus on: ROI Growth Strategic Compliance 2. It invests… Read More »What can’t be measured, can’t be managed

The increasing need to be an ‘Adaptive organisation’

Peter Cully Senior Director Business Transformation APAC at HCL Technologies Dear Business Leader As business needs change, organisations need to be able to deliver innovation, meet customer needs and adapt applications quickly and dynamically. Organisations will need to be able to assemble capabilities from inside and outside the enterprise to achieve this. Ensuring successful business outcomes will require the alignment of business strategy, business outcomes,… Read More »The increasing need to be an ‘Adaptive organisation’

Passionately Leading Your People

Dr Andrea HowellChange consultant; former University Lecturer & Organisational Quality Manager Dear Business Leader Passion – remember that word? Passion is about something you love doing constantly. A passion for football, or travelling, or even for the work you do. Research has shown that passionate workers establish a deep connection with their work, perceiving their job as an essential component of their identity that reflects… Read More »Passionately Leading Your People


The Accidental Change Manager

Dr Hafsa Ahmed MNZM Futures Foresight Practitioner | Bespoke Business and Individual Impact Guide Dear Business Leader “The only constant in life is change.” You’ve probably heard this Heraclitus quote numerous times, and it has become a cliché for businesses. In fact, change is so prevalent in the business world that you may have even appointed someone to manage it in your organization. This person… Read More »The Accidental Change Manager

What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

Cultivating a diverse professional culture is a complex and worthy pursuit. Diverse cultures position employees to thrive individually and to bring out the best in each other. Enabling diversity is no token gesture; it’s no rote filling of quotas. It means fostering a singular professional landscape that an array of professionals truly sees as their own. This requires leaders’ sensitivity, awareness and guidance. Inclusion and… Read More »What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

It’s not about the office, it’s about belonging

To retain employees, organisations need to evolve their approach to building community, cohesion, and a sense of belonging at work. By Aaron De Smet, Bonnie Dowling, Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi and Joe Spratt Originally published by McKinsey & Company January 13, 2022 Leaders are increasingly worried about the impact of the past 20-plus months on company culture, connectivity, and cohesion. Our recent Great Attrition survey justifies their… Read More »It’s not about the office, it’s about belonging