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Integrating Business Architecture Practices with Organisation Change Management

Do you really know how to deliver successful change in a business? Learn a pragmatic and disciplined approach to managing change, like you have never heard before.

Organisation change is still poorly managed because we continue to operate in silos and fail to work in multi-disciplinary teams. Dr Christine Stephenson will take us through the steps to manage strategic change and capability change, as well as how change management professionals should work with business architects to seamless deliver great outcomes for the business.

Host, Vice President of ACMP ANZ: Brad Rilatt

By examining if we are ‘change ready’, Brad Rilatt will take us through some thought provoking concepts:

  • What’s our personal and professional relationship with change?
  • How do we practice listening to others in order to learn and understand?
  • How do we seek to understand our impact with others?

Meet The Speakers

Dr Christine Stephenson

Christine will share with us her many years of experience as an Enterprise and Business Architect and how this applies to organisation change management. Having worked with some of the worlds marquee travel and mining companies and a long stint in the public sector, Christine has seen and been through significant change and disruption across these industries.

Brad Rilatt

Brad brings more than twenty five years of experience in organizational design, leadership development, corporate change, professional facilitation and implementing high-performance human systems to Leadership Gold. Specializing in training, coaching and facilitating the growth and development of high-potential leaders, Brad helps individuals, teams, and organizations increase effectiveness, achieve valued bottom-line results, and become measurably more viable and successful.