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Ian Abrahams – EAG

Ian is a Risk Management & Governance professional who aims to take away the complexity that risk stays a growth-limiting liability, shifting your mindset that it’s an asset that accrues value over time. With this knowledge, he designs flexible and innovative risk management and governance frameworks that leaders in the global marketplace can leverage to achieve enterprise-wide transformational goals while strengthening business resilience.

Ian’s point of difference is industry-first where he doesn’t offer fragmented point solutions because risks have a way of penetrating gaps between silos. Some companies provide surface linkages between risk and change programs, but those are brittle and prohibit real and lasting change.

Instead, he engineers agile, integrated frameworks utilising my patent that works like a roof on a house – his focus is to keep out the weather while enabling those within to move and evolve. Establishment of robust, AI-powered maturity pathways that ensures the effectiveness of risk management and governance improves over time as knowledge is captured and the system self-learns.

Ian continuously strives to develop his knowledge, researching global innovations and emerging trends. Defining and challenging best practice he makes his programs (including risk, audit, compliance, cyber security and business continuity planning) more efficient and at least six times more affordable than other solutions.  Passionate about cultivating understanding and sharing my expertise, he seamlessly aligns risk management with corporate objectives and driving increased business performance.