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Make time, Give priority, Be seen at the Driving Business Transformation Seminar to hear from leading-edge practitioners sharing insights on issues facing leaders today in achieving strategic business transformation and delivering ‘managed change’.

Speakers and panel members include:

Christina Gerakiteys, Technology Futurist
Krishan Jogia, Managing Directors Evolve & Ampfily
Alan Ford Group Treasury Lead for Digital Risk & Innovation, Macquarie Bank
Nolan Satkunarajah, Director Data Analytics & Transformation, LION
Florence La Carbona, Data & Analytics Senior Leader, MetLife
Simon Banks, Design Thinker and Storyteller

ACMP ANZ is working with leading thinkers to develop an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to delivering ‘managed change’ at a project, program, portfolio and enterprise level. This involves a review of how change can be integrated with other services such as Business Transformation, Risk Management, Enterprise Architecture, Mental Health & Well-Being, Diversity and Inclusion, and Workplace Health and Safety to deliver expected/planned benefits and ROI.

The ACMP ANZ team are keen to increase the rigour of research into building this approach and is inviting an academic partner to work alongside them to deliver an innovative and effective approach to delivering /managed change’.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an experienced group of speakers and panel.
Prepare yourself and your organisation to navigate VUCA over the next 1000 days!