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ACMP East Coast Australia Chapter is seeking Superstars (Associates) to join us in our Mission to make a positive impact in the Change profession and other professional disciplines with which OCM overlaps.We are breaking new ground, and we are truly Transforming the way we do Change.

ACMP East Coast Australia is a not-for-profit Association, dedicated to transforming the way change delivers stakeholder and shareholder value, and Return on Investment, in a new world.  We are determined to make change management more relevant and useful in
organisations that are forward-thinking, so that we contribute to having a positive impact on a company’s ROI and productivity at both a strategic, and operational level.

During the session you will hear from some of our Leadership Team and Associates who will be sharing their experiences and how they are bringing our vision to life.  We are truly creating a movement at ACMP East Coast Australia and we want you to be part of it.