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Do you consider WHS impact when implementing new processes, procedures or technologies?

Do you understand the role emotion plays in the success of your transformation?

From April 1 2023, organisations are obligated to identify, assess, measure and manage psychosocial hazards.
Matt Dwyer and Norell Naidoo will take you behind the scenes of Mental Health and guide you through practical safety principles to support leaders and change professionals in delivering Enterprise Transformation across operational environments.

Participants will be aware of how we process and understand triggers so that you can proactively work towards reducing human capital risk, organisational risk and ensure buy-in from stakeholders when implementing Enterprise Transformation. In this webinar you will:

  • Gain a deeper insight to mental processing
  • Understand the natural relationship between emotion and logical thinking
  • Learn intrapersonal and interpersonal strategies for managing emotionally charged moments
  • Gain insights into the real conversations happening on the ground and how this affects Enterprise Change.

You will receive a practical WHS Checklist that can support implementations in operational settings, and help you understand key rules, regulations and responsibilities you need to know when delivering change.


Matt Dwyer

Matt Dwyer, Managing Director at Dexito, runs multiple franchises in the home renovations and landscaping sectors. With over 20 years experience in high-risk environments including Mining, Hospitality and Construction, Matt believes that everyone it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure their colleaues get home safely. In addition to Managing multiple businesses, Matt volunteers as WHS Director at ACMP ANZ. He has had extensive training and education in Safe Work Practices and is currently continuing his studies in Construction, and WHS.


Norrell Naidoo

Norell Naidoo established ProLeadership Coaching & Consulting to help professionals across multiple levels elevate their performance, self-leadership and leadership of others. With her extensive experience working with those from diverse industries, including technical and non-technical roles, Norell has honed her expertise in human behavior for optimising performance and creating new levels of success whilst promoting mental wellbeing.

As a highly skilled coach, capability specialist, and psychologist, Norell focuses on human emotion and its role in problem solving, decision making, relationship management and people leadership. She leverages her technical understanding of the human psyche to help you and your team breach your next level of success, pursue your potential and create fulfillment.