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ACMP ANZ Inc. extends a warm welcome to its newest members

With the relaunch of the ACMP ANZ Inc. Chapter, the board members, partners, associates, and members of the former ACMP East-Coast Australia Chapter would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to those members of the former ACMP Perth Chapter, and those based in New Zealand who have now joined ACMP ANZ.

As a proactive community of change practitioners, including a diverse range of experts across multi-disciplinary areas focussing on the overlap with change and transformation, you will always be able to find a vast selection of professional literature and useful resources to expand your knowledge and capabilities. You can find these useful resources by visiting our website and clicking on our Knowledge Centre tab.

We also host face-to-face events and online webinars, where you can connect with your fellow members and no doubt learn new, thought provoking and innovative ways to assist you in delivering change initiatives in your workplace. You can be notified of upcoming events and webinars by email, or why not check out our Events Calendar located on our website so that you don’t miss out.

Once you have had the opportunity to explore what’s on offer on our website, through your onboarding session, or by having a casual conversation with other members or colleagues in this Chapter, we are confident that you’ll be as excited as we are at the endless possibilities of what our National and New Zealand chapter can achieve as we transform the way we deliver change together.

ACMP ANZ Inc. Chapter