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The increasing need to be an ‘Adaptive organisation’

Peter Cully
Senior Director Business Transformation APAC at HCL Technologies

Dear Business Leader

As business needs change, organisations need to be able to deliver innovation, meet customer needs and adapt applications quickly and dynamically. Organisations will need to be able to assemble capabilities from inside and outside the enterprise to achieve this.

Ensuring successful business outcomes will require the alignment of business strategy, business outcomes, value streams, value proposition mapping, business capabilities, customer and employee journeys and the business process model.

Beginning the Process

A great starting point is having robust and flexible business architecture and culture at the heart of any process to provide a great foundation. In the future, organisations will have an increasing need to establish and implement cultures, organisational designs and business architecture that deliver continuous innovation, ability to adapt to change, pivot quickly to take advantage of market opportunities, and create integrating experiences and solutions within and across organisational boundaries.

Sustaining the Change

Business capabilities in organisations represent the foundation for this approach. Business leaders need to create and sustain a culture and mindset that inspires agility, innovation, ownership, accountability, adaption and adoption.

The role of the Change Manager is to navigate and coordinate Business Architects, organisational culture and Subject Matter Experts in several other professions to deliver these outcomes.